Recreational Volleyball Classes

Whether you are new to volleyball or are a returning player, Spike First Volleyball is offering different levels from FUNdamental to Advanced classes.

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FUNdamental :

FUN-Spikers Classes (Grades 3-4)

Introduction to the sport of Volleyball where we will encourage the development of fundamental movement and skills through fun and participation with mini volleyball games. It will help the student's to develop physical literacy, learn all the fundamentals of movement and build overall motor skills.

Sunday 9-10:30am

Venue: Hong Kong International School - High School Gym

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Learn to Train :

Beginner Spikers Classes (Grades 5-8)

An Initiation to introduce and learn basic volleyball skills. This will include. mental, cognitive and emotional development as well as an introduction to mental preparation. And a continuation of improving individual skills.

Sunday 10:30am-12pm Group AM or 

Sunday 3:30-5pm Group PM

Venue: Hong Kong International School - High School Gym

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Train to Train :

Intermediate Spikers Classes (Grades 6-10)

Building an aerobic base, develop speed and to further develop and consolidate volleyball skills. Aerobic training becomes a priority while maintaining or further developing levels of speed, strength, and flexibility. Basic individual volleyball skills and tactics are consolidated. The 6 vs 6 game is introduced creating the need to learn team systems and position specialization.

Sunday 12pm-1:30pm Group AM or 

Sunday 3:30-5pm Group PM

Venue: Hong Kong International School - High School Gym

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Learn to Compete :

Advanced Spikers Classes (Grades 9-12)

Consolidate the fitness preparation and volleyball skills. Increase training intensities to optimum levels. Volleyball skill variations and advanced tactics are introduced and are performed under a variety of competitive conditions during training. More complex team systems are learned. Training should be position specific. Fitness, recovery, psychological, and technical development programs are individually tailored to a greater degree.

Sunday 2-3:30pm Girls Class or Boys Class

Venue: Hong Kong International School - High School Gym


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