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About Us

Spike First Volleyball believes in the Long Term Athlete Development Model and helps to cultivate a culture of lifelong participation by highlighting the value of sports in improving health and well being. It will ensure that all individuals achieve physical literacy and are well-grounded in the basics of movement and fundamental skills for Volleyball, enabling a life-long enjoyment and identifying an optimal path for athletes to meet their goals.

We offer team and individual Volleyball classes for children of all ages. We focus on developing children’s abilities from the moment they start a sport as a beginner and through to the advanced level and beyond where they participate at a competitive level. All of our classes are delivered in English.

We pride ourselves on delivering structured skill-based classes, combining fun in a relaxed atmosphere, promoting discipline, and mental and physical development. We strive to build positive character, self-esteem, social skills, and great teamwork.

Our coaching staff has a rich background in coaching young to adult players. Coaching multiple teams in local and international schools in Hong Kong over the past years, getting great results and success in the ISSFHK League with their respective teams.

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About Us: About Us
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