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About Us

Spike First Volleyball is dedicated to promoting the Long Term Athlete Development Model and fostering a lifelong passion for sports by emphasizing the numerous benefits of physical activity in enhancing health and well-being. Our primary objective is to ensure that individuals acquire physical literacy and a strong foundation in movement and fundamental volleyball skills, enabling them to derive lifelong enjoyment from the sport and chart a path towards achieving their athletic goals.

We offer both team and individual volleyball classes catered to children of all ages. Our comprehensive approach begins with nurturing beginners and continues through to advanced levels and beyond, where participants engage in competitive play. All of our classes are conducted in English.

At Spike First, we take pride in delivering structured skill-based lessons that combine enjoyment with a relaxed ambiance, while fostering discipline and promoting mental and physical development. Our focus extends beyond volleyball proficiency, as we strive to instill positive character traits, bolster self-esteem, cultivate social skills, and foster outstanding teamwork.

Our coaching staff possesses extensive experience in training young to adult players, having successfully coached multiple teams in both local and international schools in Hong Kong. Their expertise has led to remarkable achievements and triumphs in the ISSFHK League with their respective teams.

To get in touch with us, please reach out to us via email at

About Us: About Us
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